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Eddie's addition to our Elite CRO team expanded our test capabilities tremendously. Eddie developed our test html, css, and javascript, QA'd his own code, tweaked any tests as needed. Then bundled and delivered the relevant code updates to our development group. He quickly and effectively turns ideas into results. Highly recommended.

Matt D.

VP, E-Commerce, US Polo Assn.

Eddie's dedication and work ethic would bring value to any team. He is a reliable, communicative team member, and brings a depth of knowledge to his work. I always enjoyed meetings with Eddie, as well–he's a delight to work with.

Emily F.

Website Product Manager, InvisionApp

Eddie is an all-star developer and a multi-talented individual whose work exceeds expectations. He possesses an impeccable work ethic, has a keen attention to detail, and finishes projects ahead of schedule. Eddie brings a strong data-centric approach to his work. He carefully compiles and analyzes data and then gives recommendations supported by that data. Eddie is passionate about his work and the ROI it drives for his clients. I hope to work with Eddie again in the future.

Crystal T.

Director Marketing Manager, Tauck

As someone who has been managing engineering teams for many years I highly valued Eddie's technical expertise as well as willingness to challenge himself and learn more. He has a strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript best practices and was also able to bring his considerable Wordpress experience to bear on our projects. Eddie was always professional, a hard worker and dedicated to the success of our projects, clients and company. It was always a pleasure to have him on the team. He is a friendly, high­energy individual with a great sense of humor. Any company should be happy to have Eddie on board.

Arun S.

Founder, FunnelEnvy

Eddie has all the qualities you could want in a developer. I'm not talking about JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, DevOps, or UX - though he's an expert in all of those. What sets Eddie apart are his communication skills, ability to learn and adapt quickly and independently, great sense of humor, and calmness under fire. We've worked together on a number of website optimization and software development projects, and there's nobody I'd rather have by my side on those days when it seems like the whole Internet's on fire.

Brian H.

Founder, Command Return Solutions

Eddie is a terrific, ambitious developer who has an appetite for data and analytics. He is intrinsically inclined to ask why is this happening and doggedly pursuing the correlated and causal events to determine how to either stop or amplify the discovered behavior. With ETL experience and an eye for data patterns and discoveries, Eddie is an emergent data discovery analysis talent.

Tim K.

VP, Insight & Analytics, Elite SEM



Came on board to help increase sign ups, and in game item purchases. Learned what users used mostly from in game items, and helped them find items quicker in the shop. Helped ease the sign up flow by creating a better experience than normal sign ups by learning what caused them to not sign up, and remove unneccesary friction.

Helped LVS design team lead their redesign from a conversion view using user feedback, user testing, and helped A/B test their new booking engine.

Helped AKC align their design, and categories to appeal to users, move around the site easier, and order easier through the Shopify e-Commerce platform.

After Swapalease released a redesign, their conversion rate took a hit. I came in and helped push their conversion rate higher than their normal rate. Using user research techniques such as quanitative, and qualitative feedback surveys or polling to help push better UX/UI updates.

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Designed and Developed Wordpress custom landing pages, with their own unique design for A/B/C Testing.

Freelance UX/UI Architect, and developer. I help manage their frontend designs, and development with archictectures such as C# and Angular. I created documentation, and architecture for LeapPoint sub brands using uxer research for B2B and feedback.


LeapPoint One

Please excuse my portfolio, it's still a work of progress. In the mean time, if you want to reach out, please email me at [email protected]whoiseddie.com